Restrictions on Private Cars

We introduce the private car control in summer season of Mt.Fuji climbing.

Check the restriction period and information on nearby parking lots in advance if you wish to come by car.

Private car control on Fuji Subaru Line

  • You cannot go to the parking lot at the 5th station by private car during peak congestion period in Mt.Fuji climbing season by the restriction. If you plan to go by car please check in advance since the implementation periods differ at each trailhead. Park your car at a temporary paid parking lot at the foot of the mountain during the restriction and go to the fifth station by a paid-bus or taxi.
    Please note that toll fees will be increased for buses and taxis during the period. Click " See details" for more information.

    Yoshida guchi Fuji Subaru Line : From Jul. 15 2022(Fri)6 pm ~ Aug. 31 (Wed)6 pm
    Fujinomiya guchi Fujisan Skyline : From Jul. 9 2022(Fri)6 pm ~ Sep. 10 (Wed)6 pm
    Subashiri guchi Fuji Azami Line : From Jul. 15 2022(Fri)12 pm ~ Aug. 31 (Wed)12 pm

    ※Buses(including minibuses with 11 or more passengers) and vehicles carrying disabled people (a disability certificate is required) are not restricted.
  • Private car control on Fuji Subaru Line


The parking lot during the period is Fujisan Parking only from 2011. (This is a newly constructed parking lot on the east side of the Fujiyoshida I.C. on the Higashi Fujigoko expy way. It's different from Fuji Hokuroku Park.) Please note that it costs you 1000yen during the period.

Detail on Parking lot

5597-84, Azakenmarubi, Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida shi (the east side of the Fujiyoshida I.C. on the Higashi Fujigoko expy)


You can use it for 24 hours during the restriction period. However, the tourist information center closes at 8:00 p.m. The second parking lot and multipurpose restroom are available 24 hours a day during the summer climbing season (Jul.and Aug.)except for the private car restriction.


It costs you 1,000 yen per vehicle (including motorcycles over 125cc) during the regulation period. It's free on days except for the restriction period for the time being.
There is a fee for buses departing from and arriving at this parking lot.
※The required time is approximately 45 minutes by bus or taxi.

Inquiry on the parking lot

Yamanashi prefecture tourist division TEL:055-223-1521
Information center in Fujisan Parking TEL:0555-72-9900

See details onFuji Subaru Line tool


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