Specified Commercial Transactions Law

In accordance with Specified Commercial Transactions Law, notations regarding the operating company, prices, delivery of goods, etc. will be made.

Operating company

J-Bound, Inc.

Chief Administrative Officer

Imamura Hirofumi


6663-1, Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko machi, Minamitsuru gun, Yamanashi


0555-21-1888 Office Hours 9:00~17:00

Contact address

Rental Price

Listed for each rental item

Fees other than rental items

Shipping cost (varies depending on delivery area)
Cash on delivery fee
Less than 30,000 yen 300 yen (excluding tax)
Less than 100,000 yen 500 yen (excluding tax)
Less than 200,000 yen 800 yen (excluding tax)
200,000 yen or more 900 yen (excluding tax)
Insurance premiums: ¥320 - ¥1,850 (excluding tax) (varies depending on the product)

Shipping charges

Perfect Set + Innerwear
Perfect set
Full set
For granking sets, Nationwide flat rate of 3,000 yen

For other rental items, Nationwide flat rate of 2,000 yen

Payment Method

[In the case of in-store pickup]
Prepaid bank transfer
Credit card payment

[For delivery receipt]
Cash on delivery
Credit card payment

Delivery time of rental items

[In the case of in-store pickup]
On the day of rental

[For delivery receipt]
Delivered two days prior to rental use
*However, the arrival may be delayed due to delivery areas, natural disasters, etc.

Returns and Exchanges

When you receive your rental items, please check them immediately for damage and make sure they are the same as the rental items you ordered.Please note that we do not accept cancellations, returns or exchanges after an order is confirmed.
However, we will accept returns or exchanges if the return or exchange is due to our company's fault.Returns or exchanges will be made only in the following cases.
If you receive a rental item that is different from what you ordered.In the event of any defects or deficiencies that interfere with the use of the product.
The Company shall bear the shipping costs for returning or resending such rental items.


Recommended Sets

  • Full set
  • Perfect set