How to rent

Online reservations are convenient! We also offer fax orders and other services for groups and organizations!

  • Selection of Items
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    Selection of Items

    Making sure your present climbing gears, choose the necessary items.
    " Perfect set " is recommended.
    Oxygen can necessary for climbing and other items are lined up to order.

    ※If you wish to have your items delivered, shipping charges (round-trip) will apply.

  • Reservation
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    After choosing the items, enter Customer Information with the climbing date, number of days, the way to pick up and return items.

    ※After ordering, confirmation mail is sent. Be sure to do mail setting able to receive from "". Application process is completed by receiving the mail.

  • Payment
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    [ Payment on delivery ]
    Arriving the items, please pay the fee to the delivery company.

    ※If you use cash on delivery (COD), a COD fee will be charged.

    [ Bank transfer ]
    After completion of order on our web site, you will receive the mail " Guide of Bank transfer (virtual account) Account Information ".
    Please make a payment the "Price" on the "Bank Transfer Account Information" written in mail.

    ※Be sure to make a payment within " Account Expiration Date " written in the mail.
    ※Be sure to make a payment 3 days before the climbing date when your climbing date is within a week from order.
    ※Please note that Order can be cancelled automatically when exceeding the time limit.

    [ Credit card ]
    Please make a settlement by the Application expiration date.
    If payment is not made by the climbing date, a cancellation fee will be charged.

    ※Be sure to make a payment 3 days before the climbing date when your climbing date is within a week from order.Flow of Credit card payment

    [ Flow of Credit card payment ]
    Flow of Credit card payment

  • Receiving the items
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    Receiving the items

    [Receiving on delivery]
    The items are achieved two days before the cilmbing date (date of usage) by delivery. When payment on delivery, please make a payment to the deivery company on arrival.

    ※The item is arrived, please make sure what you ordered is correct.

    [Picking up at the store]
    Please come to the LaMont store directly at the climbing date.
    You can pick up the item on site, and change into climbing wears in our store.
    Powder room and fitting rooms are available. We have a locker room to use freely.

    [Picking up at the fifth station on Yoshida-guchi trail]
    You can pick up the items at Mt. Fuji fifth station (Yoshida-guchi trail) on the climbing date.
    Picking up the items on site, you can change into climbing wears.

    [Picking up at Fujisan Plaza]
    You can pick up the items at Fujisan Plaza in front of Fujikyu line Kawaguchiko station on the climbing date.
    It is convinient to use this way when coming on public transportation like train or highway bus.

    [The time limit of application by the ways to pick up items]
    The time limit of application is varied depending on the place to pick up or the way to pay as shown below.

  • Let's go to Mt.Fuji.
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    Let's go to Mt.Fuji.

    Let's go climbing !
    It's important to have a good sleep and get in shape on the previous day.
    Please make sure to take your belonging with you when going back from climbing.

  • Return
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    ●Request when return
    If the return shipping location (pickup location) is different from the delivery address, please notify us in advance.
    If you return from different location without notice, We will charge you the difference in shipping charges.
    Please note that if you contact us, an extension fee will be charged for each day.

    [Return by delivery]
    Please return the item by delivery at the collection reception on the day after the end of use.If the collection is received at the next day, the fee will be subject to extension.
    Making sure an enclosed return check list, put the rental item into the bag that the rental items arrived.
    Ask the collection at the nearest Yu-pack station, writing your address, your name on a enclosed return invoice.

    ※Only return can be acceptable to the store directly.
    ※Please note your belongings are not left in a backpack and so on. If your belonging is left in return goods we will send by collect in case you wish to return.

    [Return at LaMont store or Fujisan Plaza or Fujisan Parking]
    After descending, please go to the stores you picked up the gears and it's done.
    Pleaase note take your all belonging with you.

    [Return at the fifth station on Mt. Fuji]
    After descending, you can return the items at the fifth station of Yoshida guchi trail on Mt. Fuji.
    You can return, change clothes, go home easily.

Breakage insurance

We ask you to obtain the non-refundable breakage insurance when you rent gears. The insurance fees depend on items from 320 yen to 1850 yen (without tax). See details of each rental item.

※Breakage insurance only apply repairable dameges, we will charge you according to the breakage insurance in case of serious dameges, irretrivable damege and loss.


Recommended Sets

  • Full set
  • Perfect set